• Market

    With a history of 140 years, this is a local market where the fishermen’s wives sell their husbands and sons catch of the day out from the Pacific Ocean.

    It sells various fresh fishery just fished up that same morning as well as produce from the local farmers such as vegetables, fruits, honey, local cookery and crafts etc.

    The fresh fish here is specially delicious because it was fished by high-tech and strictly selected by the high standard of the market connoisseur’s filtering. If you are wondering what to buy, check with market staff and seek his recommendation.
    Upon your request, there are shops which will prepare the fish you choose for eating it right away at the standup open tables. Also, there are shops which will cook your fish.

    In addition to these seafood outlets, there are shops which offer bonito ramen and sweets etc.

    • Kure Taishomachi Ichiba Market
      6372-1, Kure Nakatosa-cho, Takaoka-gun, Kochi-ken.
      TEL / 0889-59-1369
      OPEN / 10:00-16:00
      Holidays / Irregular
      Car / 5min. from NakatosaIC
      Public Transport / 5min. from JR Tosa-Kure Sta. by walk
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