• Fish

    Bonito is a fish that represents Kochi. The fishing season for bonito is spring’s first season and also the fall’s bonito returning season The spring bonito has a light taste and the fall are known for fatty meat. The traditional fishing method of skipjack fishing by one rod has continued traditionally for 400 years at Nakatosa Town. By using fishnets more fish can be caught at one time, but fishing by one rod prevents the fish getting damaged and keep the freshness so the flavor is suitable by eating it fresh. A skilled fisherman can fish one bonito in 2 to 3 seconds, but this is only 1% of the group. Therefore, this fishing method has been achieving harmony balance with the eco system and coexisting with the ocean resources.

    “Warayaki Tataki”, the cooking method of lightly roasting the bonito skin by fired straw is a tradition of Kochi local cuisine. By roasting the outside skin, the flavor is kept inside the fish body and straw provides a nice aroma fragment taste sharpens your appetite. The Tosa style of cooking is to mildly roast it and immediately eat it while it is warm. Hope you will challenge the roasting experience. As for the seasoning,
    it is generally soy sauce with vinegar and sugar, but just with salt is getting very popular nowadays.
    This luxurious eating is only possible with fresh catch of the day.

    Many people throughout Japan visit Kure during the “Bonito Festival” held in May every year to enjoy various bonito cuisines and cookery. Amazingly 2 tons of bonito are consumed during this day.